Not in MY Backyard

An interview on a Denver television station recently aired, concerning a homeless shelter program in Boulder Colorado. The reporter was interviewing a neighborhood representative on the issue. The well dressed lady, in front of her Prius, holding her tablet computer, thought the project should be stopped. She stated that there should be a more appropriate area found for the homeless shelter. Not in my backyard!

Boulder County, Colorado contains a wealth of minerals that the United States in 100% dependent on foreign nations to supply. Many of these nations are not friendly to the U.S.. Russia, China, Pakistan, Kurdistan, among others, supply minerals that our economy relies upon.

The minerals that make that lady’s Prius electric car and the minerals that make up that lady’s tablet computer had to be mined and processed. Unfortunately the minerals all had to be purchased overseas, but at least it wasn’t in her backyard!

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  1. Terry says:

    I don’t understand… .. ?

    • Hi there! The point of the post is to point out anti-mining administrations don’t want mining in their towns and counties even though modern mining doesn’t destroy the environment like it used to. If you own a car or laptop, minerals must be mined to create them. Now we import 100% of our minerals from countries that don’t have laws that protect the miners. In some countries, there are NO human rights. For instance, sulfer mining, life expectancy for miners is 3 to 4 years. We have recoverable sulfur in this country. Our environmental and labor laws protect the miners in this country. Why not open up mining in America again?

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