Congratulations! You have just found the largest gold prospecting organization in the world.

Join Now! – Starting at $84.50 for new memberships and $69.50 for renewals

A Gold Prospectors Association of America membership gives you an edge as a prospector; whether you are new to gold prospecting or have been prospecting for decades.

Our membership gives you the tools you need to find gold more effectively. Whether you are using our tried and true 14″ gold pan or searching for the optimal claim in our Mining Guide, you can mine with greater confidence knowing that you have the resources to find more gold and extract it efficiently.

We have a 1, 2, or 3 year annual membership, a Lifetime membership, and our exclusive Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) membership.

Membership Kit
The membership kit has tools and instructional materials to get you started, including our new 2014 GPAA Claims Club Membership Mining Guide! You also receive subscriptions to our bi-monthly publications: Gold Prospectors magazine and the Pick and Shovel Gazette. Packed with resources, this kit is a must have for any gold prospector worth his or her salt!

Access to Claims
You also gain access to hundreds of claims provided by the GPAA. Our claims span across the United States. That means there are probably one or more claims near you. The Mining Guide gives details about each claim, so you can start prospecting.

The ability to connect with the GPAA community may very well be the best benefit of membership. The fellowship experienced at a GPAA event or through joining a chapter is beyond compare. Membership also grants you full, unlimited access to the features of the GPAA website. Most notably, members are able to post and converse on the Forum and view special members only areas. Register for a FREE, online account to become part of the largest gold prospecting network in the world!

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