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The pursuit of Happiness

Of all the good reasons for taking up the hobby of Gold Prospecting the first and foremost is the FUN! No matter what season or weather, it is always a good excuse for taking the time to get out and run the dogs. We revel in enjoying the freedom to explore America. Gold Prospecting is the very essence of the pursuit of happiness, in all its American glory!

Recreational Gold prospecting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get started. A number 2 shovel and a gold pan IS the list of basic equipment to get started. Even if you have to buy the equipment a $20 bill will about cover it. Check out the local second hand stores for some good deals and a couple more dollars will likely get you buckets, flour sifters, for getting those pesky Gold nuggets out of the flour gold. You will probably need to get a hammer, for breaking up gold ore and such, a refrigerator type magnet to separate the black iron sand from your concentrates. And of course a little pipette or snuffer bottle to retrieve the gold dust from your pan. Little perfume sample bottles work really great for holding and displaying your finds!

Next you will want to know; Where can I go around here to find gold? A free trip to the local library will help immensely. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, look into the history books and you will find references to about every place that has been explored, prospected and worked by the “old timers”. Look into the local geology, usually the local University is a great place to get free information. Go make friends with the geology professor, never hurts to have friends in the business! Naturally there is information and advice to be had on the Internet as well. Ain’t no doubt about it, there is a wealth of information you can have for free. You only have to muster up the energy to go get it!

Now for the FUN… local prospecting clubs and organizations welcome the new prospector and provide all the instruction and tips you will need. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, get out there and make some new friends! One great thing we’ve found out about this hobby is that recreational prospectors are a friendly bunch!

For instance, the wife and I joined the Gold Prospectors Association of America. The benefits of their association are almost too many to mention, talk about a great outfit. GPAA’s goal is, first and foremost to help members become successful prospectors.

Link to GPAA page.

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