Treasure Mountain

The mountain is actually named Citadel Mountain. The legend of the lost “Spanish Gold” stems from an expedition financed and organized by Napoleon Bonaparte. Rumors of gold had been heard by the French court, at this time the French had laid claim to the whole of the Louisiana Territory. Napoleon needed to finance his ambitions and had decided to sell the territory. So an expedition was organized in New Orleans to explore and put to rest this rumor before the decision was made to sell. The Spanish had laid claim to the territory and of course the Conquistadores had done … Continue reading

Stagecoach and Train Robbery in Colorado

The only public transportation before 1869 was the Stagecoach, and most areas were served by the interconnecting stage lines. Naturally they were an obvious and tempting target for outlaws, especially those who were just breaking into the bandito business. In 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed, the stagecoach was the only form of public transportation available. The stagecoach system remained the best way to travel most of the remote areas in the Rocky Mountain west into the early 1900’s. The best travel money could buy until 1869! Since many of the local mining companies transported their payrolls by stagecoach, … Continue reading

The Reynolds Gang stolen treasure

Many Confederate soldiers formed into militia groups during the War for Southern Independence in Colorado. They included the Fairplay Unit, Leadville Unit, Denver Unit, and Mace’s Hole. Col John Heffiner was the highest ranking Confederate to operate in the state. He and his officers were forming a regiment at Mace’s Hole in 1862. They were attacked and driven out of the territory by Union forces from Ft. Garland. Southern sympathizers, the Reynolds Gang operated in South Park in 1864. In July of that year, Jim Reynolds and eight Confederate “soldiers” launched, what would become, the only invasion of the South … Continue reading

Jack Slade and the Virginia Dale Stage Robbery

Jack Slade and the Virginia Dale Stage Robbery

Bandit gangs who regularly terrorized the stage lines, chose several areas that were well scouted to work, one is along the famous Overland Trail in Colorado, as hide-outs. The gang felt so comfortable in the remote landscape that they even went so far as to build a cabin. A hideout cabin was built at the top of “Robber’s Roost”, on Table Mountain, about a mile to the northeast of the Stage Station. The hideout was well placed, with a great 360 degree view it was hard to sneak up on, and it was very difficult to climb because of the … Continue reading