How to Talk like a Miner

It’s hard not to be confused and kinda left out of the conversation the first time you talk to a “real” miner. They have a distinctive vocabulary that was developed by prospectors and hard rock miners over the years. At times it is almost like hearing a different language when a miner describes his work day. Translate the following conversation and you will be an expert! The old mine isn’t played out like everyone thought, yesterday we put up the bellows on the east adit, there was some bad air beyond the cave in ’bout half way down the tunnel. … Continue reading

How to Sluice for Gold

In the early gold rush days prospectors used sluice boxes to remove gold from vast amounts of gold ore and gold bearing gravel deposits. The sluice box consisted of a simple wooden trough lined with raised obstructions placed at a ninety- degree angle to the flow of the stream, these are known as riffels. The water is shut off and the riffels removed, and the heavy materials containing the gold known as concentrates would be gathered. This “run” would sometimes be the gold from several tons of gold bearing gravel. Years ago sluice boxes were built of long wood planks … Continue reading

How to Pan for Gold

Gold Prospecting Equipment you will need: Black or Green Plastic Gold Pan Shovel Geologist’s pick Magnet Tweezers Snuffer bottle Small squeeze bottle of dish soap Classifier in size 1/4 inch (4 mesh) Small glass vial with lid Rubber wading boots Note: The oil from your hands can float your gold off. Don’t put your thumbs in the pan while panning. Use your tweezers to remove gold flakes! Look around for the best location to pan. A rule of thumb: pick a place that is known to have gold. This will save you a lot of prospecting time. Do your research, … Continue reading