Modern Perspective on Mining in America

Johnny Walker at a mine in Arizona.

Many times I have heard that people who are working a federal mine claim are getting their gold for free. Here are the latest statistics (Jan. 2017) according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration. There are over 2,300,000,000 square acres in the United States. Mining in the U.S. takes up 5,569,929 acres, or 8,703 square miles. Most of this total is devoted to gravel pits and coal mines. Currently there are only 345 mines producing all types of metals, gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. These 345 mines represent 2.5% of the total mined land, or 217.5 square miles. (139,200 … Continue reading

Outrage and the old west – the Sand Creek Massacre

The long lens of history provides us the opportunity to challenge the decisions made by the pioneers of the old west. The treatment of the Native American Tribes is a great example of Monday morning quarterbacking. The massacre of the Cheyenne’s at Sand Creek is a case in point. What could possible have induced the Colorado Third Regiment to ride down on these “peaceful Indians”? In May of 1863 Territorial Governor Evans received word that the Cheyenne and Arapahoe tribes were holding a big secret conference with the Sioux for the purpose of uniting and driving the white man out … Continue reading

Not in MY Backyard

An interview on a Denver television station recently aired, concerning a homeless shelter program in Boulder Colorado. The reporter was interviewing a neighborhood representative on the issue. The well dressed lady, in front of her Prius, holding her tablet computer, thought the project should be stopped. She stated that there should be a more appropriate area found for the homeless shelter. Not in my backyard! Boulder County, Colorado contains a wealth of minerals that the United States in 100% dependent on foreign nations to supply. Many of these nations are not friendly to the U.S.. Russia, China, Pakistan, Kurdistan, among … Continue reading

Treasure Mountain

The mountain is actually named Citadel Mountain. The legend of the lost “Spanish Gold” stems from an expedition financed and organized by Napoleon Bonaparte. Rumors of gold had been heard by the French court, at this time the French had laid claim to the whole of the Louisiana Territory. Napoleon needed to finance his ambitions and had decided to sell the territory. So an expedition was organized in New Orleans to explore and put to rest this rumor before the decision was made to sell. The Spanish had laid claim to the territory and of course the Conquistadores had done … Continue reading

Getting Started

The pursuit of Happiness Of all the good reasons for taking up the hobby of Gold Prospecting the first and foremost is the FUN! No matter what season or weather, it is always a good excuse for taking the time to get out and run the dogs. We revel in enjoying the freedom to explore America. Gold Prospecting is the very essence of the pursuit of happiness, in all its American glory! Recreational Gold prospecting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get started. A number 2 shovel and a gold pan IS the list of basic … Continue reading